Monday, 28 February 2011

Livia Firth's GREEN Oscar dress and other red carpet tales...

Sitting here waiting on a call back from my teaching agency and just checked out last night's Oscar shennanigans...

The main girl of this post, Livia Firth, wife of Colin, King of the Oscars. Livia choose to go as green as possible at this years awards ceremonies - no, not wearing head to toe in the colour green, but good for the environment, eco-friendly green - and I must say she looked fabulous!
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Her dress, by Gary Harvey, was the reclaimed product of 11 dresses from the very period that The King's Speech was set (what a lovely idea), though it certainly did not look out of place at the 83rd Academy Awards. I think in a society where were are increadibly materialistic (I'll be the first to admit to coveting beautiful possessions) it's nice to see a bit of thriftiness and thought going into to an outfit which, as with most red carpet creations, will more than likely only be worn once (although I'm sure Livia could well have other green plans for this dress, post-Vanity Fair party). What I love most of all about this idea, and indeed the dress itself, are the stories woven into the fabric, the sense of history in every stitch. It's one thing wearing a 'vintage' dress (the V-word is oh-so-fashionable nowadays, isn't it) but to actually create something new, from something old, gives it a whole new life and purpose, a sort of continuation of all the stories. I know many of you might be thinking, simmer down Mrs, it's just a dress, but I am a self-confessed 'oldie', and I love the memories, stories and secrets that old things hold. You could say I'm a bit of a romantic, and you'd probably be right. I loved this dress though, and moreso, the whole concept of ethical and eco-friendly fashion which Livia so expertly advocates. Now, with the huge and well deserved success of her husband, she has been given a platform from which to continue this promotion of green clothing, and maybe even start a trend.

What are your thoughts on Livia's dress, and on the idea of 'green' clothing?

Other Oscar dresses I LOVED, purely for their prettiness:

Natalie Portman (winner of Best Actresss) (Rodarte) looked radiant in this gorgeous purple number...

Amy Adams (L'Wren Scott) sparkled in a navy blue number, with gorgeous Hollywood styled hair.

Halle Berry (Marchesa), keeping with the nude trend with added tulle and sparkle, looked stunning and carried off the long train that featured a lot on this year's red carpet.

Cate Blanchett (Givenchy) was brave enough to inject a modern twist with her structured pastel number, yet still having an elegant and feminine red carpet look.

And still looking fabulous, the lovely Dame Helen Mirren (Vivienne Westwood) in Cappuchino silk.

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This year there was also a lot of RED and black, which I wasn't as keen on (strange for me as these used to be staples in my wardrobe!).

What did you think?



  1. I agree too much red and black, Cate Blanchett looks flawless and I loved Mila Kunis' dress

  2. There was a lot of purple which I like. Mila Kunis was the best dressed to me. Thanks for your suggestion on pink hair XOXO

  3. Maggie I didn't realise you had a blog! You leave such lovely comments on mine and I never checked. Well just did and am now following, its great :)

  4. @ A Certain Vintage
    @ Venus in Virgo
    I know, I totally for got to include Mila and I love Elie Saab as a designer *bad me*. She has been looking amazing at all the events!

    @Lila Loves thank you! I know, I'm rubbish at promoting my own blog, I just love reading other people's too much!

    :) xxMxx


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