Sunday, 27 February 2011

What I loved and loathed about LFW (extremely image heavy)

There was a lot of buzz and excitement around London last weekend as LFW hit the town. I actually spent the weekend in Glasgow and so didn't get the chance to experience the atmosphere (not that I would have got near any the top shows anyway!) but I managed to catch up with most of it online and in newspapers. As much as I love fashion though, I prefer to see how real people, wear real clothes, to go about their real lives. Stalking the progress of LFW online everyday wasn't quite the same thing. Yes, some shows amazed me, some of the colours were bold and exciting, and I saw a lot things I would love to be able to afford, but I'm still High St loyal I'm afraid. Nevertheless, I was very impressed by this little lot from days 1-3 (have yet to check back on the rest as I've been unwell so will post about that later, if I'm impressed)

House of Holland

Betty Jackson


Vivienne Westwood

Matthew Williamson


Temperley London

Issa London

Maria Grachvogel 


Paul Costelloe
By far my most favourite collection was Paul Costello. I was drawn to the rich, earthly palette of brown, green and Burgundy (being a typical Taurus) and think this collection basically summed up Autumn for me. The textures were luxurious and tactile and it was nice to see velvet making an appearance yet again after falling in love with it this Winter. The magpie in me was also drawn to the shimmering fabrics which would brighten up any cold morning and the array of tartan did tug at my Scottish heartstrings. However, what I loved most of all was the hair! I've been a red-head since early last Autumn (after recalling my brief red-stint when I was 15) and if I could style my hair like this I'd be a very happy girl.

That is what I loved: colour, pattern, fabrics, imagination, movement and shapes. What I loathed was this:
This is all I've seen so far from the second half of LFW, and one of the reasons I chose to take a break and check back later in the week to view the rest of the collections. How anyone attending this show could focus on the clothes amazes me, when this model looks far from healthy. I'm a girl who has sadly seen two sides of this coin: the unhealthy, mind-controlling side that says this is attainable and a form of perfection and, thankfully, the side that tells me this is dangerously thin, unnatural and a sign of an industry that is ignorant of normal woman all over the world. This was also something touched on by the lovely Izzy at  Belle of the Blush  in this post! What worried me most of all, is that I saw this image and thought it was 'out of place', and that Yasmin Le Bon was 'bigger' than everyone else. 

I have now chastised myself though, and assured myself that she is in fact normal, and it's the rest of the images that were wrong. I'm not for a moment saying that these sorts of images cause eating disorders among young women, and men. However, they do nothing to help reassure those who are struggling to contend with these damaging thoughts, and if anything, serve as a dark reminder of negative thinking and behaviours that are best left behind. I would ask the question, when will the fashion industry learn and change? but that would be a waste of time I fear, as I doubt anyone will ever have the guts to, and indeed, whether they even want to.

The reason I love the blogging community is that I am able to see how real women wear clothes, women like you and I, unique and healthy. I will continue to tune in to fashion shows for the reasons that I love, but will proceed with caution for the reasons I loathe. 

Stay healthy :)



  1. What struck me about the two pictures under Erdem was how much that woman looks like she's from the Exorcist. Seriously creeped me right out, and it looks totally unnatural.

  2. Love Love Love this post <3

  3. what a great post. love the all the pictures!

    love your blog too, new follower :)

    Please check out mine if you get a chance

  4. We all think the same when we see a larger model - only because we're trained to think like that by reading fashion magazines! The fact is, models are just hangers.

  5. That girl looks skeletal. I actually think I can make out parts of her skull. Get the girl a sandwich, pronto.


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