Monday, 31 January 2011

Soap & Glory: The Righteous Butter

Today I want to post one of my most favourite products, a definite must have! Everyone is familiar with Soap&Glory and their fabulous range of bath and beauty products (and if you’re not, get yourself along to your nearest Boots store, where are the moment, it’s 3 for 2!!) and pretty much 70-80% of my beauty collection currently consists of S&G products. So, being a self confessed Soap & Gory addict, it is no surprise that the first product I have chosen to share on this blog hails from their range.

The Righteous Butter is something of a beauty staple for me, having gone through several large pots since discovering this product over a year ago. My first encounter was through a teeny little pot which was part of a set I was given by one of my pupils. Naturally, this didn’t last long as I was soon popping along to Boots for a larger pot. The Righteous Butter comes in quite a large pot, 300 ml, and a little does go a long way; I use mine constantly and it lasts for months on end. It has a gorgeous, creamy texture that just seems to melt into your skin, and doesn’t leave that greasy residue that most body butters seem to. It works best by applying a small handful to damp skin (I’m not sure why people say apply to damp skin, but it does seem to work) and then just massage it really gently into your skin. I like taking the time after a bath or shower to apply this product, and it can be very relaxing. 

What I also love about this product is the gorgeous smell. As soon as you open the pot you are hit with it: a sort of floral, fruity perfume, but not so sweet as to sicken you like most body butters. It also leaves your skin with a gorgeous musky fragrance, so perfect for Valentine’s Day ladies. The fragrance lasts for a good while after application and I have been known for having a ‘signature S&G scent’. Before using this product, my body butter of choice was The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter, which is still pretty excellent, though is one of those sickly scented body butters. I haven’t bought another body butter since The Righteous Butter and will be going over to Boots tomorrow to pick up another tub to take to London with me on Friday. If you buy anything this week ladies, make it a pot of this! A large pot will set you back 10.00 (and remember what I said about a little going a long way?) or if you don’t want to shell out a tenner to try something out, Soap & Glory have very cleverly began selling mini versions of their most popular products, with The Righteous Butter Mini costing a recession-friendly 2.35! That’s cheaper than a Starbucks caffeine fix! I’m not sure how long the 3 for 2 offer will last, but I’ve got a feeling they run Wednesday to Wednesday, so take a stroll along and bag yourself some much needed pampering beauties. If you are looking for something else to make up your 3 products, I also recommend Flake Away, Calm One Calm All and The Scub of Your Life ;)

Finally, my nails today are inspired by Celtic, and their excelllent win yesterday over Aberdeen, sending them through to the Co-operative Insurance Cup final. This definitely called for some green, and what better than Barry M Green Glitter Polish! I love this one to death, it’s actually my 2nd bottle, and also have it in red, navy and gold! Barry M are fantastic for doing really great colours in their nail polish range, and so reasonably priced you can’t go wrong! This one does benefit more from a clear top-coat, but I didn’t have time to apply, and so gave it 3 coats of glitter and was off.

Thanks for reading and come back to me with your thoughts on The Righteous Butter :)

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Haitus Over!... and I have a new name...

I completely forgot I even had this blogging account and a whole year has passed since I've logged in, but I can now safely say, I'm back in business. Since I last posted I have become a graduate - I have letters after my name and everything! I never thought I'd be one of those people who would write those letters next to their name, as proof of their brilliance (always thought it was a bit big-headed and in-your-face-ish) but I actually think I'm turning into one of them! Not becoming big-headed-and-in-your-face-ish, but just, proud really that I achieved something, and like, it's kind of who I am now. In case you were wondering, the new addition to my name is in the form of B.Ed (Hons). The (Hons) past is necessary - it's a whole other year added onto the B.Ed part, so it would be rude not to include it. So yes, I'm now officially a teacher and and no longer a student (I hate paying full price in Topshop/Cineword, but not so much as to give up my B.Ed (Hons) unfortunately) which means job hunting!

I am, as I type, getting ready to move to London for several months in the hope of finding a teaching job! Bold move from a recently graduated Glasgow Gal, but a highly necessary one given the current job market, especially in teaching! I hate to sound like one of
those people who moans about the government, but to be honest, they are pretty much ruining this country right now and with it, a lot of innocent, decent folks' lives. I have spent the best part of three months 'job hunting' (and by that I mean literally applying to every available job going and handing out millions of CVs) only to have an inbox full of "Thank you for your application, unfortunately..." e-mails alongside the blatant non-response from employers. It's been less than delightful I can tell you. At present in Glasgow, and I'm probably right in saying Scotland as a whole, there are no teaching jobs. Not a single vacancy. On top of that, there are several hundred (probably more) teachers out there currently unemployed, or living on irregular supply work. This situation is not restricted to the teaching profession either, and worryingly, councils are announcing cuts and subsequent job losses every day. The rate of unemployment in this country is growing at an alarming rate and Mr Cameron/Clegg's wonderful solution... cutting benefits, raising taxes, cutting council budgets and therefore jobs, and to top it all, telling us all to get off our backsides and get a job! Well Mr Con-dem... where are these jobs we're meant to be doing? The majority of unemployed people I know are very actively seeking employment, are very willing to get off their backside and are very sick of the leaders of this country kicking them when they're down and being completely ignorant of the lives of everyday British people! I just wish the people in charge of this country would for once, think about the people they are being paid to serve and who voted (not me though) them in! Give us all a break eh?

With that little rant out of my system, I leave you with my newly painted nails, and the thing that inspired them...