Friday, 11 February 2011

Last night's outfit :)

I'm not posting today's outfit as, well, it's just far too boring (leggins and uni hoodie). I didn't really see the point in getting dressed up today as it just rained, constantly. I spent most of today sitting in the conservatory (I have an insane love of the sound of rain on a conservatory roof, whilst warm and cosy) writing up my entry profile for teaching in August, listening to music and drawing this:

I'm just a bit disappointed I chose to draw it on the back of scrap paper, as I was actually quite happy with it in the end. I think I might transfer it onto a canvas and paint it. Maybe. I really want to go see Black Swan now! We didn't go last night because the times it was showing weren't suitable as my cousin didn't finish work until 9.30pm. Instead we went to see A Little Bit of Heaven. Oh, my goodness it was so sad! If anyone is looking for something to see this weekend at the cinema, I'd suggest this, along with tissues and waterproof mascara! I ended up crying, a lot, and had less than delightful panda eyes by the end. I had a really lovely evening though.

Here is what I looked like yesterday:

 ancient Avon Lipstick in 'Kiss of Pink'
 No7 Extreme Lengths Mascara
 Dress and Shoes from Primark
Tights from Topshop

 I have an obsession with matching nails to outfits :|

Tomorrow I have to hit the post office early doors to post lots of forms then hopefully have a float around the shops for a while. DVD night afters with my two little cousins who are staying with me over the weekend... fun times! :)


  1. Love your dress!!Its so girly and you look fabulous!!!

  2. just seen that you are following my blog - thanks! am now following you too :) really like this post, especially your nails! x

  3. Gorgeous shoes girlie :-) great post x


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