Monday, 7 February 2011

17 Concealer does not hide the fact you are no longer 17...

Well, first things first... the interview went fabulously! It wasn't as formal as I had expected and the staff interviewing me were so friendly and nice. The interview was in an office just off Oxford Street but I found it really easily and managed to arrive early, looking not too windswept. They have basically told me that as soon as the General Teaching Council in England approve my registration (you must have this to be allowed to teach in a school) I can start teaching, and they have plenty schools for me to go to. I'm so happy today – literally have not stopped smiling!(getting very strange looks on the tube). 

Right, now on to the massive update! I was toying with the idea of either doing a mammoth post, or splitting it up into smaller ones – I've decided to just go with the biggie, so if you don't fancy a long read, you can scan the few the photos and be off... :P

Starting off with my review of the 17 products, I must say I wasn't that impressed. Apart from my most favourite lippie (see previous), I don't think I'm going to become a massive fan like I was in my youth. The Hide Away concealer is really dry and doesn't blend into my skin well at all. Obviously this could just be because I have temperamental skin, but I doubt it. I've tried it a few times now, before moisturiser, after moisturiser, before and after foundation, applying with my finger and applying with a brush – it just aint happening. It's really noticeable when it's on, and dries too quickly, therefore not blending correctly into the skin. For 3.99 I guess I shouldn't have been expecting miracles, but I think they might need to have a rethink of the formula and make it a bit less chalky and more blend-able. For now, it's a no no. If anyone else has tried this and has a similar or different opinion please comment below. The Shine Control Pressed Powder wasn't as bad, but I'm still not to keen on the one shade fits all. Shine-controlling? Yes. Flawless finish? Sort of. I think if this came in a wider variety of shades it might be a little more perfect for me, but I guess I wouldn't really know unless I tried that out. However, saying all that, it did prevent a shiny-face mid-afternoon and stayed put relatively well. For a budget option it's definitely a winner but I think this one will take a few more wears to win me over completely. It comes with an applicator but I've been applying it with a brush which makes it appear a lot less 'caked-on'. I'll continue with this a little longer and see if the product grows on me.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation is surprisingly good and gives a nice even coverage, albeit the formula is a bit thick. I've been applying this with a foundation brush from The Body Shop and today I added a little moisturiser, which made the product go on a lot easier. I think I've chosen a shade darker than I should have, but the foundation itself is really good. I've been a fan of Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid for well over a year now, but I would consider using Match Perfection as an alternative. I'm going to keep using this bottle until I get paid, and might try a lighter shade to see how that goes. Verdict – reasonably priced, good coverage, best applied with a brush.

If you're still reading after all that – waaaayy! Your attention span is great! Next on the agenda... a huge collection of images from the past few days:

Nails: No7 and Barry M

Faces from the past few days:

Clothes: Dress - Primark
              Cardi - Primark
              Tights - Topshop
              Bird Necklace - gift from my gran

Interview Outfit: Dress - Primark
                            Tights - Asda
                            Shoes - Primark
                            Clover Necklace - Gift from a friend

I invested in some new shampoo and conditioner, after seeing it mentioned on another blog, and will be updating on that tomorrow. So far so good, I must say...

Again, a massive thanks to everyone who has been reading and following – I really appreciate you taking the time and if you want to know anything/see anything on my blog, I'm all ears... :)

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  1. thank you (:
    loved the green nails & the dress!
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