Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Post-Valentine's Musings...

Yesterday was a really strange day for me, and although I have read all your lovely Valentine's posts, I myself didn't quite know what to write, therefore I didn't. I split up with my ex at the end of November, and even though it was for the best and a few months have past, yesterday hit me a lot harder than I'd expected.

I know I was only missing the guy I fell in love with, not the guy he turned into. I was missing the happy times, not the relationship as a whole. Yesterday I decided just to take some 'me' time - have a relaxing bubble bath, watch some DVDs and finish a book I've been reading for a while, on and off. My cousin even invited me out for drinks with him and his mates, but I really wasn't in the mood for any of that. He even got me a really cute Valentine's card and Adele's new album (however listening to 'Someone Like You' was inevitably going to lead to tears), and that made me smile at least. After some good old Disney and a good night's sleep I was back to normal again this morning. Hopefully that's the end of it now and I can finally put the past behind me.

Yesterday I gave myself 'new' Valentine's nails, this time opting for a 'sweet' pink to replace the 'sexy' red. I actually thought they were pretty cute :)

Barry M 'Shocking Pink' and Claire's Glitter

I really miss my nail collection at home as I'm finding that I actually want to wear colours that I've left behind in Glasgow. The same with shoes - living out of a suitcase really does have it's drawbacks. However, I'm going back to Glasgow this weekend for a family party on Saturday and the Celtic V Rangers game on Sunday. It should be a fun weekend, if a bit hectic, and hopefully give me the chance to grab a few more things from home that I'm missing.

Here was what I wore yesterday, clearly going for comfort over style:

Yesterday I was missing my friends a lot. I know I can still call and text them easily, and I know what everyone is up to thanks to the wonders of Facebook, but I missed the fact I couldn't just call up a friend and go to the cinema or for a coffee. I'm usually quite independent and enjoy the fact I'm a stranger in a new city, but I think on days like yesterday, everyone needs a friend who you can drop in on at a moment's notice. I'm glad my cousin was here, even if he is a boy and didn't quite know how to react to my 'sad face', other than to bring me in a piece of caramel shortcake on his way home from the pub. He's also taken to just staying here with me at my aunt's house in London as it's way to big for one person , though it does mean I've had to take on a sort of 'housewife' role - doing washings, cooking, cleaning etc. To be fair, he does take the bins out (I am germophobic), go into the garage(I hate spiders) and most importantly, closes the curtains at night (I have an insane fear of looking out a window when its dark outside).

Still no progress on the teaching front. One of my references came back (from my old programme leader at uni) and they're still waiting for the teacher at my last school, but I'm still in touch with her anyway and know it will be great. I just cannot wait to get back into the classroom!

Tomorrow I'm going to have to go do another food shop as I'm running out of ideas for meals and feel like I'm starving my poor cousin with my pitiful servings. I'm totally living it up in London eh, Morrisons will be the highlight of my day!


  1. i hope things start getting better soon. there are times when you feel like just breaking down but something little can happen that'll work wonders and make you feel better. could be just a smile from a stranger. anyhoo, ur nails are cute, looked like you dipped them in some fairy sugar. dont feel too bad, valentine's is highly overrated, flowers die in a die and chocolates just give you pimples and make you fat! =D

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  2. Aw thank you, I'm honestly fine now, it was just the emotion of the day.

    That's what I thought to once I'd painted them, or actually, I was thinking more diamonds...

    Will check out your giveaway, I want to do one really soon, when I have a few more followers!


  3. Love the nails and your outfit!
    Hope your feeling better now! Everyone gets emotional sometimes!


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