Sunday, 6 February 2011

London Calling...

Apologies for not updating sooner, I got all caught up in packing for London and saying goodbye to my friends and family. I am now in London :D

I arrived yesterday at 6am and have just been getting myself settled in and what not. Feeling all Londonny already - after mass I popped into the newsagents to top up my Oyster card, cos using cash on a bus is so Glasweigan :P I've also just managed to get my laptop connected to the wireless so, again, sorry, I'll be much more frequent from now on!

Vanilla Latte, Belvita Biscuits and Cosmo = Happy Maggie at a 2am Service Stop :)

Caffeine Fix   = Awake Maggie at  6am in Victoria Station :)

Limited amount of clothes for next few months  =  sad time :(

I have an interview tomorrow morning at 11am with a teaching agency so will post a proper update tomorrow evening. I've half-written one and added some pics but I really need to get to bed, like now, and make sure I don't sleep in tomorrow morning! I'm sooooo nervous! I actually need to go find a suitable outfit too.

Thanks to the new people following me (it's great to know that I'm not actually talking to myself now). I will catch up with everyone elses blogs tomorrow, pinky promise!

If anyone was wondering about the 17 stuff and Rimmel foundation I was trying for the first time, that'll be in the update tomorrow, but let's just say, I'm not a fan of 17 Hide Away concealer...

p.s. Celtic drew 2-2 with Rangers today in the Scottish Cup and so the game will now be replayed at Celtic Park... my nails are green again :P


  1. In reply to your recent comment on my blog:

    Haha, well my hair is odd, at the top (the shorter layers) are crazy wavy naturally, but the longer bits at the bottom are like poker straight, and as you can see, this product still curled them nicely! Therefore, I totally think the Charles Worthington Salt Spray will work ;) xxx

  2. Ah great, I will give it a go thanks! :)


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