Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What's in your handbag?

I've seen this post on so many blogs and love getting a sneaky peek into what people carry around with them (if you have done a similar post please link me - I'm nosey). 

This is the contents of my handbag today, for a trip to Morrisons, the Post Office and a cafe. I generally carry a lot more than this, and when I'm teaching I'm like 'bag lady' carrying around three bags full of all sorts of stickers, jotters, craft materials and games etc - really need to get a car!

This is today's bag:
It's really old, and past it's best, but I've grown so attached to it as it holds so much stuff!

My diary aka my brain! I use an academic diary as, spending 4 years at uni and the rest of my life as a teacher, I pretty much work in 'school years'. This contains everything I have to do each day, appointments, contact details and random bits of paper and post-its that get stuck in there. I really would be lost without it!
My passport goes everywhere with me really, mostly because I always get asked for ID when buying wine, even though I'm 24 soon!
A magazine - I tend to flick through magazines so carry one around with me for about a week. I never have time to read a whole mag in one sitting, though this one did come in handy in Starbucks, when I was killing some time. 
My 'diary pen' - I have a touch of OCD for some things, and my diary is one of them. I 'must' use the same pen, as I like to keep things neat and the same. I'm also the same with notebooks and things (in school, my marking pens are colour coded for each subject - the kids must think I'm mental!).
I always carry around the make-up that I'm wearing that day, although I have been known to also carry several other items when I have a bigger bag - just in case. I used to have to carry around 'night time' make-up when I was at uni as afternoons at the pub usually ended up as nights out (a spare top also came in handy then!).
 I have the start of a wee cold at the moment, hence the Airwaves and Olbas, and also carry around Anadin as I tend to get really bad pains leading up to my period (I need to switch to prescription painkillers during that time, but these do in the week leading up to it).
Hand Food is my most favourite hand cream, especially now as the hard water in England is playing havoc with my skin :( This travel size is also ideal for popping in your handbag.
Hygiene Lotion, as I am a complete germophobe, and like to apply this after holding on to handrails on the bus/tube, and generally being in a public place (yes I am a bit of a nutter).
Vaseline - for when my lips get sore, especially as I bite the skin off (I know, disgusting) whenever I am nervous/stressed.
 As well as my diary pen, I also carry 2 black ballpoint pens, in case I need to fill in forms or something, my writing is really nice with these.
My pen drives come everywhere with me, partly so I know they're safe, and also as you never know when you might need them. The diamante one is personal and the pink one is uni/school.
Spare keys for my aunt's house in London. My old keys are at home in Glasgow and I'm supposed to be getting a copy of these spares to add to my own keys, but I keep forgetting about that!
 My purse, that has evidently seen better days, but which I love far too much to part with yet. My friend got me this for my birthday and I just adore it.
 It holds all my cards and cash :)
 A prayer card and also a card of my favourite (former) Celtic star, Artur Boruc (my little brother gave me this, because I love him!) Both precious items I like to always have with me.
My most favourite perfume (I tend to only ever wear this, and am devastated that The Perfume Shop have discontinued it). It's Wish by Chopard and is just beautiful, both the bottle and scent.
My Barbie mirror, for little touch ups. I love Barbie - yes I am a child!
My mobile, which at the moment is the most precious thing as it's keeping me in touch with all my friends back in Glasgow. I'm not really a gadgety person, and this phone is pretty old, but I love it.
A spare bobble, for emergencies such as getting caught in rain, or when my hair just bugs me, especially in the summer.

So that's my bag! I'd love to see what's in yours!



  1. Hey, nice blog :)

    I love the Bourjois blush! I have to carry make-up wherever I go incase of emergencies haha river island purses are so lovely too!

    Please check out my blog as I'm still quite new to the whole blogging thing and the support would mean so much :) xo

  2. I love this post! I am always curious about what women carry in their handbags. my handbag is always heavy like a brick and I seem to collect a lot of receipts.
    I am following you now:)


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