Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I just can't get enough of green nails...

I'm not sure whether it was the amount of alcohol drunk over the weekend, the amount of singing done on Sunday at the football or the dodgy air con on the bus home from Glasgow, but I've now lost my voice and have a horribly sore cough. Good job it's half term and I don't actually have anything important to be doing this week! I have so much to update on, so I'm going to do a few posts throughout the remainder of this week.

Look forward to:
  • the usual outfit, make-up and NOTD posts
  • two recent experiences of eating out in London; the good and the bad 
  • what caught my eye at LFW
  • Twinings Tea
  • recent film reviews
I had a fantastic time in Glasgow at the weekend and it was really nice catching up with family and friends, albeit a bit manic. I literally arrived late Friday night, spent Saturday catching up with family, topping up the red in my hair (only my mum can do it) and getting ready for a family party that night. The party was brilliant; pouring my own measures of vodka, not so! I've probably not mentioned on here but I also work at Celtic Park and even though I'm now living in London, they're very kindly keeping my job open for me as long as I try to make it up for as many home matches as possible. So on Sunday morning, along with a less than delightful hangover, I made my way to work. It was really nice seeing everyone and the atmosphere at the Celtic V Rangers game was electric! I was more than chuffed with the 3-0 result and ended up going to Bairds Bar for some post match celebrations with the male members of my family and some of my brother's friends. There are hardly any photos that I can post where I don't look a complete shambles, so it's probably best if you just use your imagination! Apologies if you are not football inclined, but I am a strange mix of football fan and beauty addict!

My cousin James on his first visit to Bairds Bar

This clip sums up my Sunday :)

Obviously I had green nails, with a hint of silver (representing the trophies Celtic are bound to win this season).
 Barry M Mint Green and Claire's Glitter 
(pinkie nail was re-done after this photo!)

I didn't get a chance to update about this last week but all my paper work has now been processed and I have been approved to start teaching. As this week is half term I'll start teaching on Monday 28th - I'm very excited! Not sure how much time I'll have to spend on here when I'm actually teaching, but hopefully I can catch up on everyone's blogs in the evenings and post then. I'm so relieved that it's all sorted now and that I made the right decision moving to London, I just hope I adapt quickly and teach as well as I did in Glasgow. This week I'm just going to relax (and get rid of this cough) and make up a few little activities for each stage that I can use as a back up if there is no work already set.

I'm off to get some cough medicine and  paint my nails :)


  1. Pretty nails :)

    Twinings Tea is my fave! It's hard to find here but I find some occasionally. XOXO

  2. Twinings have an online shop and they ship internationally! I will be making a detailed post about them soon but this is the link to the shop -



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